A brightly lit half melted ice cream cone upside down on a light blue table with a tan background. Hard shadows.
A fake cupcake with a cherry on top brightly lit on a beige table with a light blue background.
Whole and torn apart pomegranates on a beige table with a gray background. hard light and shadows.
A banana and half of an avocado balanced atop of a whole large red pomegranate. All sit  on a mint colored table with a beige background.
A fake bright red cocktail in a martini shaped glass with a lime slice and cherry speared by a cocktail skewer. The background is a hand painted sky on canvas.
A bright red Brillo scouring pad box with a sky background hand painted on canvas. I am showing the edges of the background and the support table to show that it was shot in the studio.

30 second spot for Northern Pacific Power


30 second spot for Massican Magazine/ Farm to Pantry

White plates, bowls, and pitcher, with eucalyptus clippings and holiday pinecone on a marble surface.
Wood and enamel bowls and serving utensils on a black marble surface with a small hint of holiday ribbon.
Coffee cups, sugar jar, and creamer cup on a wooden tray. Also a cup of hot coffee and some spilled coffee beens, all on a marble counter top.
Different colors of  five striated coffee cups whimsically stacked on a white marble counter top.
Flour containers, copper measuring spoons and a marble tray sprinkled with flour and  blueberries
The form of a Christmas tree made from  kitchenware, pine sprigs and a juice squeezer on a concrete table
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