White plates, bowls, and pitcher, with eucalyptus clippings and holiday pinecone on a marble surface.
Wood and enamel bowls and serving utensils on a black marble surface with a small hint of holiday ribbon.
Coffee cups, sugar jar, and creamer cup on a wooden tray. Also a cup of hot coffee and some spilled coffee beens, all on a marble counter top.
Different colors of  five striated coffee cups whimsically stacked on a white marble counter top.
Flour containers, copper measuring spoons and a marble tray sprinkled with flour and  blueberries
The form of a Christmas tree made from  kitchenware, pine sprigs and a juice squeezer on a concrete table
Pink filled cocktail glasses, coasters, spilled blueberries, and a pitcher filled with eucalyptus sprigs on a table with a white tablecloth.
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